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Disability Supports Services

Disability Supports offers a wide range of opportunities to those served. Clients receive community inclusion, meaningful employment, continuing education, modern housing, case management and healthcare support.

“Disability Supports has a different philosophy than most agencies. We are encouraged to share new ideas, build relationships with clients and be innovative in our care. I’m so proud of what we do.”
— Debbie Adams, Director of Operations

Day Supports & Employment — Our clients enjoy many activities that bring employment in integrated settings, learning, fun and depth to their lives.

Residential Support — We’ve designed our services to help with a wide array of living skills to meet the needs of those we serve.

Supportive Home Care — We bring expert care to clients in more than 100 locations across Reno and McPherson Counties.

Medical Support — Disability Supports’ expert staff allows individuals with a wide spectrum of medical needs to live actively within our community.

Case Management — Our case managers are the key to navigating resources that can otherwise be the source of confusion and frustration.

Activities & Events — Our staff energy level is high and our focus is always on creating activities and experiences that are productive in every sense of the word.